vicem-yachts-announce-ali-tanir-as-new-marketing-manager-665x779Hello, and welcome to The Lead Type.  My name is Daniel Jones and I will be your guide.

I have been a marketing manager for six years now with a large firm that stretches out across my community. Bringing in leads is the main purpose of my job. There have been a lot of changes in marketing with the expansion of online markets. That is where this site comes in.

I am regularly being asked what sort of marketing strategies that an online business should use.  Well, my answer is to use as many as you can!  You should always diversify in order to reach as many potential customers as possible.

Now you may be thinking that there can’t be that many ways to go about marketing online.  Well, you would be wrong, my friend.  There are several different forms of marketing available to people on and off the internet.

Be sure to follow this site so I can show you the different ways to grow your business and bring in the leads through marketing! If you have any questions or ideas you would like to share with me, hit me up on the Contact page.